Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tarred and feathered

I am officially off of the nightshift, ready to rejoin the living!  So, in the morning on my post-call day off, I showered at the hospital and began my walk into the day.  Quickly, I generated a reasonable sweat in the 95 degree morning air under my all-season wear ABUs (Airman Battle Uniform = USAF for camouflage).  I was swimming through and tasting the dust within the thick air; the opaqueness of which explains why I walked around a corner, downwind - a very steady, fierce wind - from the poop truck which was vacuuming its targeted contents, while another South Asian contractor power-washed the innards of one of the many PortAJons littering the base.  The fetid mist ricocheted onto what had now developed into an adhesive slurry of perspiration and dust coating my exposed skin. 

I have been tarred and feathered, Iraqi style.

Tomorrow will be better.

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