Friday, June 18, 2010

Saint-sational entertainment, for who?

This picture is a little larger than usual for obvious reasons.  In the middle my friend Brett, a nurse anesthestist friend who comes from the Bayou.  This is not a headliner, as far as the USO is concerned, but I think Brett was quite pleased to have his team represented here.  [If you haven't met a "Who dat?" t-shirt-clad cajun, you have yet to meet a rabid football fan].  So all right!  Glad that the Saintsations made it by!  (I hope that they were wearing sunscreen).
The attempts by the USO to keep the deployed entertained and happy, and the generosity of different entertainers is laudible.  I missed the cast from the Sons of Anarchy, with great dismay, as I would have like to share a near beer with them - one guy who came, Kim Coats, plays a complete psychopath, so I was interested in what he was like in real life.  Zac Brown Band came also, and they recently released a video filmed here in Iraq.  Most of the footage is from here at my hospital and base ( 

You might think that visiting dignitaries would spend time with the brass, but the cheerleaders and actors would be led to the young enlisted to meet and enjoy.  You would be thinking wrong.  In fact, for reasons not clear, the people in charge - the commanders and senior NCOs - are the ones giving the cheerleaders the tours of the hospital.  In all actuality, it is a little embarassing that the guy in charge is spending his time showing the cheerleaders what an ER looks like, when that task would be the envy of any 25 year-old sergeant.  You will have to trust me on this (I do not have bandwith available to prove it), but there are pictures, on the hospital servers of the Command or 40-something superintendents getting chummy with every actor, singer or Hooters girl who has passed through this place.  The worker bees are in the hive collecting honey.

I am just glad the Captain Brett got to meet his Saintsations.  But I wouldn't expect a cajun to tolerate otherwise.

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