Monday, March 8, 2010

Confessions of Blogvirgin

I apologize for the delay.  My goal was to have this up and running by now, but I have been a bit handicapped by my internet connection, the lack of knowledge on how to set up a blog (amazing how I have gone from technically savvy to incompetent with regards to computer programming over the past twenty years - blogger does everything for you, as it turns out), and, most importantly, lack of sleep.  I have finally adjusted from CST to LAT (local arab time), and working nights, and things should be good to go now.

The world is beautiful - even parts of Iraq, I guess - but truly, most beauty comes from the relationships you have.  And my life is filled with beauty.  So, during these several months of my deployment, I hope that I can keep up with you even though most of those who read this  are 7000-10000 miles away.

A few notes.
The security around here is not subtle, and though there are myriad blogs and youTube videos published of this place, I am betting that some are violations of operational security (OPSEC).   Thus, in interest of staying out of jail, my posts will be delayed by 24-48hrs.  Likewise, I will post some pictures, but not too much detail as a lot of this stuff is "off limits."  Albeit, this is a ironic as you can see all the buildings on, but, I digress.  The blog is open to whoever wants to post, but I can also receive email at if you want to have a private conversation. 

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