Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Man Cave: Part 2

Surgeons are good for something.  Long ago, when there were few colonels here, fewer rules, and people's time was occupied with taking care of patients, and not inspecting uniforms or developing new protocols, a little construction project was undertaken.  In between the traumas, the first few groups of surgeons here somehow commondeered some extra lumber, tools and some hardware, and built this outdoor mancave affectionately known here as OR5.  On the roof of the hospital, there is a place to get away, smoke a cigar, inhale the diesel fuel, and thanks to another clever radiologist, go to the driving range.  The cargo net capturing the golf balls 3 yrds from the tee makes all of my shots seem true.  I am starting to like golf again.  At least until I throw out my back.


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