Monday, March 8, 2010

Mortar walls and Mudcon

Behind those 12ft concrete walls are the temporary homes of the many soldiers, airman, and seamen here.  You may notices that there is no concrete barrier roof.  So, if we were to have mortar attacks, you are supposed to run to the bunkers.  There is one just to the left of this compound.  I live about 100 paces away from "R" pod, but they pretty much look the same.

The rain is now starting to lighten up, which is good, as it has been a muddy mess.  Turns out that central Iraq looks more like south Texas than the Sahara.  When it rains, there's mud.  On my way here, I was in Qatar for nearly a week waiting for a flight.  When it rains there, there's wet sand.   Anyway, as it takes 1-2 minutes to put on your boots, the mud is a pain.  The command issues "mudcon" alerts, and you have to carry spare shoes if you want access to buildings such as the dining hall (known here as the D-FAC), the hospital, or the gym - pretty much the only places I go.  I know I will yearn to return to the rainy days in July when it is 128 degrees Fahrenheit.

Housing for field grade officers is nothing to complain about.  I am quite comfortable, and do not have to share my little box with anyone.  Colonels have wet trailers (connect to a bathroom) - that would be nice - but I still have to walk to the "cadillac" (WC).  That is not a big deal, except during serious "mudcons" in the middle of the night.  I will write a post later on some of the creative alternatives I have heard of or seen here - people are funny.

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