Saturday, March 13, 2010

Man Cave: Part I

Dedicated to A.R. and R.T.

Men need a sanctuary.  It need not be grand, ornate or even pleasant.  It must however, be free of the ettique expected , and a clear escape from outside of said cave.  Sometimes this a place to sip a fine bourbon or smoke a cigar, put golf balls on a strip of astroturf, or roast meat over an open fire.  As one might imagine, we lack all beverages of interest deployed in this muslim country, and procuring meat to grill is not a simple task.  However, we do have radiologists.

As you may imagine, the radiologist is the king of the man cave: he has disposable income to spend on toys, technical know-how on how to best integrate these toys, flexible schedule to enjoy these toys, and an epicurian appreciation of the man cave.  Additionally, and importantly, the radiologist is alloted dedicated, non-shared space, even in the most austere environs, for the hardware necessary, and the privacy and shelter from sunlight to perform their job: to read films in the dark.  As my luck would have it, I am here with two radiologist, man cave kings, and this has eased the adjustment, added levity, and provided, at times, a sanctuary.  In between trauma calls, and when things are slow, there are movies on our 96 inch projection screen.  We even secured some paint and a roller to rid the wall (screen) of imperfections and improve the viewing.  My sense is that this will not last long as when word gets out that anyone is having fun in the military, someone ends it.  In the meantime, however, I have a few friends in the darkroom - we are looking forward to watching March Madness on 24hour tape delay...   ...don't tell me what happens!!!

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